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When planning a group trip, one of the main factors you have to give deep consideration to is the means of transport. To keep everyone in high spirits during the trip, you have to hire a Charlotte NC motor coach that promises comfort and style in your charter bus.

A top-rated travel company, A Step Above Limousine Service is home to the best motor coaches in Charlotte. With a capacity of up to 56 passengers, the company’s Charlotte NC motor coach can keep the largest groups together on the longest road trips.

A Step Above Limousine Service has kept its customers coming back for more services for the last 2 decades. The company achieves this through offering numerous benefits – read on to learn the benefits offered by the company.

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1.     Spacious and Comfortable Motorcoaches

No one wants to sit cramped up in a space that does not accommodate their full-body frame. Each Charlotte NC motor coach offered by A Step Above Limousine Service has comfortable reclining seats and ample spacing between the rows.

When sitting in the vehicles, you can stretch your legs. Also, you can get up and walk around. Offering maximum comfort for every ride, A Step Above Limousine Service ensures a pleasurable trip for all its customers.

2.     Great Amenities

The company’s Charlotte NC motor coach has restrooms for the passengers’ use and convenience during the trip. The restrooms come in handy when the group is facing a long road trip.

Other amenities included in the Charlotte NC motor coach range from television screens that allow travelers to enjoy their favorite shows and a stereo system that comes with AUX/iPod connections. The entertainment amenities eliminate boredom while sitting in traffic.

3.     Safety

Security and safety of the passengers is a top priority for A Step Above Limousine Service. Travelers can relax knowing that the driver handling their Charlotte NC motor coach is well trained and experienced.

The company also ensures that all its vehicles undergo routine inspection according to the state laws – this ensures that the vehicles can complete even the longest trips safely and without breaking down on the road.

4.     Cost Sharing

When organizing long road trips, one of the things that most people worry about is the overall cost. Not only is A Step Above Limousine Service affordable but the company also allows cost-sharing. Instead of buying gas for individual vehicles, travelers can come together, rent a Charlotte NC motor coach, and then split the total cost among themselves.

What’s more, a motorcoach eliminates the need to worry about other costs associated with individual vehicles, including parking fees, toll fees, and mechanical fees in the unfortunate event a vehicle breaks down.

5.     Flexibility

When traveling in a Charlotte NC motor coach as a group, making changes to your trip will be much easier compared to when each of the group members is riding his/her car.

As a group, it will be much easier to stop at points of mutual interest and still arrive at the destination together. With A Step Above Limousine Service chauffeurs being extra observant, they never leave a stopping point before everyone is accounted for.

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A Step Above Limousine gives its travelers access to the 2020 J4500 MCI motorcoach. With a capacity for 56 passengers, restrooms, reclining seats, and entertainment amenities that range from TVs to a stereo system, the Charlotte NC motor coach ensures everyone is comfortable and entertained from the start to the end of the trip. Keeping large groups together, the company gives everyone a chance to create new friends while on the road.