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Charlotte is a hub destination for high profile celebrities and politicians, a clientele that requires discretion and security. A Step Above Limousine’s team of professional chauffeurs have worked among government, military, entertainment, and international elite clientele for decades so they understand the expectations and demands of high-level passengers. Our vehicles are brand new and have state-of-the-art amenities and luxuries to meet any service expectations.

A Step Above Limousine provides seamless, private and professional services that are tailored to each celebrity and their support staff. All chauffeurs are equipped with a device that allows them to receive real-time trip updates and details about the route and personal preferences. These instructions and preferences can range from maps to special notes about passenger preferences, such as a favorite brand of bottled water or news source. When security concerns reroute a trip, our professional chauffeurs know how to respond quickly and safely to guarantee the best outcomes.

We can make your trip as noticeable and impressionable as you like, or as incognito as you need. Our staff is familiar with city-wide security protocols, police department policies that affect high profile travel, and discreet entry ways at venues across the city.

Your safety and comfort are guaranteed when you ride with A Step Above Limousine. Each of our chauffeurs attends a rigorous 4-week course that’s recognized for its quality by the National Safety Council. Our chauffeurs learn defensive driving techniques, special chauffeur etiquette, and many more skills required to provide you with the best transportation service available.

Vehicles are equipped with tinted glass, in-vehicle wi-fi, external and driver-facing security surveillance cameras and other amenities our high profile clients expect.

Please be sure to inquire about any special requests for any trip upon booking. Our team can accommodate one person in one vehicle or an entourage with our fleet. To further accommodate our high profile customers, Security Detail and Armored Vehicle options are available upon request as well.

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